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Are you planning to open a grocery shop or food store? Looking to buy groceries in bulk? DSK wholesale will cover all your grocery needs.Doorstep Kirana owns & operates modern wholesale with traditional values by the name of DoorStep Kirana Wholesale. Save on wholesale groceries, vegetables, fruits, dairy products & more by purchasing at DSK Wholesale.

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About us

DSK Wholesale is the online wholesale suppliers of groceries, vegetables, fruits and general merchandisers to Supermarkets, Hotels, Catering services, discount stores, jobbers, provisional stores, & many other types of retailers. With massive experience in the retail industry, we have developed the DSK Wholesale with a comprehensive network of suppliers & manufacturers. This allows us to provide the grocery at rock-bottom prices without any give up in terms of quality.

What we do

We have been providing all types of groceries, pulses & cereals, spices& Masala’s, packaged foods, veg & non-veg, fresh & frozen dairy products, etc. in bulk amounts for multiple suppliers.

Why DSK?

A choice that gives different experiences, those experiences builds trust. DSK Wholesale is committed to helping our customers by providing good quality products to reach their heights

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Our supplies

Doorstep Kirana Wholesale is the largest & first online wholesale grocery vendor in Hyderabad. We specialize in supplying the wholesale groceries through online as well as offline. DSK wholesale supplies the groceries & other products, to business customers based on their desires & personal requirements for their individual business. Presently we are supplying our groceries for these largest business segments.


Hotels & Caterers


Retailers & Resellers


Educational Institutions


In House Canteen